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Our Specialty is - Freshly locally roasted  (to maintain the taste) in small batches and delivered to your doorstep in the safest way without compromising the quality. 

Single Origin - this Ethiopian 100% Arabica coffee came from farm to our roaster and then it goes into your cup. This applies to all our coffee.

We have Experts tested and Highest Ranked, Award-winning products only.

Brew your favorite Single-origin at home and enjoy your every moment, with the finest quality. 


Best Brewing Methods: Espresso; French Press


About Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is very well-known for its fruity taste profile. Our beans come from the known coffee farm of Halo Bariti Cooperative in Yirgacheffe and are sourced from 250 family-owned farms. This is the highest altitude cultivation area in the country of Ethiopia, and as you may already know, the higher the altitude the better and unique taste profile of coffee. 

P.S. You may select a Whole bean coffee if you have a grinder at home. If not please select other ground options which are most suitable for you. 

We advise you to grind your beans right before brewing to preserve the natural aroma notes and tastes of Single Origin Coffee beans. Enjoy each origin's beauty. 

Please don't forget to select how you want your coffee: either whole beans (that is if you have a grinder), French Press - Coarse Ground Coffee if you have any brewer that is similar to French Press or French Press itself in particular. For Bodum Pour Over we will grind your coffee Medium grind, and for espresso, you need a fine grind which we will provide. 
Recipe to try:

Shipping Information

Our standard shipment is next day delivery. Meaning, after 20-24 hours of receipt except the weekend (Friday).

We will ship your items within 2-3 business days of Receipt.

We only send deliveries to a work place or residence where someone is available to receive the item.

We Ship Internationally Free of Charge by DHL 4-10 days of Receipt.

Dispatch and Delivery

The products will be dispatched in 2-4 business days from the confirmation of order. If the order is not dispatched in 7 business days for any reason, you will be offered an alternative product, partial shipment or full refund.

Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only and commence from the date of dispatch, World's Specialty Coffee (or is not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes.

Import Taxes and Duties

As the recipient, you are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are shipping to; payment of these maybe necessary to release your order from customs on arrival. World's Specialty Coffee (or is will not be held liable for any fees or taxes you may incur or if your product is seized by customs. We advise that you are familiar with your package destination’s import duty, customs and local sales taxes as well as its rules and regulations for importing foreign goods and products.

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