About Us

Worlds Specialty Coffee is a Luxurious, Specialty Coffee ‘a one-stop shop’ of world’s most famous Coffee Beans from around the globe. We freshly roast it locally in Al Qouz, Dubai and send it to your doorstep. Our aim is to indulge you into the Luxurious cup of coffee at the convenience of your home. You can drink daily best coffee that exists. 100% Arabica just at home, with no need of getting out. Coffee Farmers and Coffee Experts work their very hard for our fulfillment. In comparison to the number of flavors in wine, coffee has nearly 500 flavor compounds whereas wine has only 200.

Our comprehensive products include not only Coffee Beans but also Coffee Bean Grinders, Coffee Servers, Coffee Kettles and various brewing technologies.

My name is Shirin Van Dort. I am the founder of World’s Specialty Coffee E-Shop (WSC). I want to introduce you to the Coffee that everyone brags about and quotes about! It is time to upgrade your coffee life at HOME. My main aim to guide you into exploring the true taste of coffee which you can easily make at home on your own. Let your daily morning start with a tasty, full of joy cup of coffee. You can follow me on my Instagram and our official Instagram page to stay up to date on our Journey. I believe, we all love food and different recipes. Coffee has the same on it's own. What I can promise you is, through your journey of trying different Single Origin (coffee beans from different country, each country is considered as Single Origin) coffee beans will be the best experience which you can enjoy conducting as a hobby every morning or midday.

My story: I have learnt I have been under-estimating the skills of a barista. But it changed! Since the day when a barista beautifully crafted, brewed Specialty Coffee right in front of me, watching his calculated action impressed me and that fruity taste of coffee I never knew existed. I never liked coffee as much till I fell in love with it that day, many years ago. 

Now, I brew my own coffee every morning at home, and I travel with my brewers wherever I go. I prefer fruity taste notes of coffee beans. Pretty often I keep changing the coffee origins. I love to experience each Coffee Origin differently with different brewing methods. I start from boiling a bottled water, then I grind my beans in an automatic grinder, and I brew with Hario V60. I prefer it because it produces a very clean and smooth tea-like coffee, very gentle in the mouth. As the temperature drops, I enjoy different taste-notes of the coffee. 

There is so much into Coffee to explore, and I hope you will create a profile for yourself and try our products and experience them, enjoy them as much as we all coffee lovers community do. I will catch up with you and send you personalized recommendations in order to enhance your Coffee Experience. 

Coffee has been good to me. It's been giving me the energy I need, the focus I need, and the health benefits I need (I can't mention in detail here, but instead I can recommend you to read an article about '51 Scientific Reasons Coffee is Healthy'.)

FUN FACT: V60 is a Filtered Coffee and in filtered coffee we have 1.2% extracted coffee and 98% of it is water.

Traditions & Quality

Worlds Specialty Coffee is committed to keep up with traditions and to bring you world’s most hand-picked and rarest Coffee Beans. It is most fascinating for us to serve you best quality products that meet today’s industry’s sophisticated traditions and forward moving innovations. We would like to support the tradition of giving to the poor and protecting animals.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide you a one-stop shop of world’s most Luxurious Specialty Coffees and enhance the enjoyment of every sip of it at the convenience of your home direct from the farm to your cup.


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