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Why don't we sell coffee capsules, instant coffees nor dark roast coffee beans?

Why don't we sell coffee capsules, instant coffees nor dark roast coffee beans?

  • Shirin Van Dort

Did it ever occur to you, that there are only few shops who don't sell, and won't sell, and won't consume neither coffee capsules, instant coffees or dark roasted coffee beans? They have a point!

Coffee is so popular, yet not many people know how to distinguish which coffee is good and which coffee is not. I am not going to explain how bad coffee capsules are for the environment or what damages has instant coffee makers caused our nature in general. I will just move straight to the point. 

Capsule Coffee

Capsule coffee is like a canned soup. It's not fresh anymore. God knows at which heat degrees, how and where has it been stored before it made it to your cup. I hate canned food as much as an old soup in the fridge which I forgot to throw away. Imagine, it has been there for a week! Yuck!

Instant Coffee

Is it really a coffee? or is it a coffee mixed with flavors, some addictive stuff, chemicals in it so that I can crave more or to make me super hyper, or get my heart speed super high. Whichever were their intentions, well done,it all worked. 

Dark Roast coffee beans

Ok now, we are talking coffee beans. Something serious. But really is it? Dark Roast means, instant coffee makers, just got smarter. They don't want to lose their smart clients, so they decided to sell their coffee in a shape of coffee beans instead of going through all that painful process. Since now you drink dark roast coffee, and you like to grind your coffee beans, and then brew it. They know what you like. 

What do I drink personally? Only a medium roast! I only have these specialty coffee beans in my shop, that are my personal favorites. Click hereCheck it out & order away. I am handling every sales on my own. Can't wait to have you on board with me. 



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