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Did it ever occur to you, that there are only few shops who don't sell, and won't sell, and won't consume neither coffee capsules, instant coffees or dark roasted coffee beans? They have a point! Coffee is so popular, yet not many people know how to distinguish which coffee is good and which coffee is not. I am not going to explain how bad coffee capsules are for the environment or what damages has instant coffee makers caused our nature in general. I will just move straight to the point. 

What do I drink personally? Only a medium roast! I only have these specialty coffee beans in my shop, that are my personal favorites. Check it out & order away. I am handling every sales on my own. Can't wait to have you on board with me. 

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Any coffee can be used within V60 coffee dripper. Distinguishing part about the V60 coffee dripper works well with the minimal to subtly roasted coffees. Specifically, the washed coffees or those given wet processing and Medium Roasted coffee works well with it. Ultimately, it delivers...

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